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HI, I’m Shelby!

I’m a Phoenix native with a passion for helping small, local businesses and creatives flourish the best way I can: with a kick-ass website. I’ve had an obsession with everything about computers since childhood, which lead me to formally study such subjects as computer programming, networking, and website design and development in my adolescence and well into my adult life. After spending a few years mastering the world of pizza-chain restaurant management, I decided it was time to go back to school and pursue my lifelong goals in the tech field.

When I am not tinkering with websites, you can find me at a local brewery or restaurant somewhere around the valley, or out thrifting for vintage technology. Sometimes I take a break to hang with my family, or just melt in front of the TV with a cold beer to enjoy my favorite comedy podcasts and TV shows.

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

– Steve Jobs


From beginning to end, I’ll go over every detail to present you with most visually-striking, relevant, and cost-effective solution to get your business or artistic venture seen online.

You have enough to worry about; leave the website maintenance to me. I can keep your website looking good, updated, and running fast, whether it was my creation or not.

Already have a website, but are in a panic because something suddenly stopped working or doesn’t look quite right? Broken images? White screen of death? Database connection error? DNS, domain, SSL, or email issues? Not a problem! I tackle any website disaster, big small or scary; I love a challenge.

Lease is up at your current host, or just ready to leave? Migrating a website can be scary stuff. You want to make sure it’s done right. Losing all the work you’ve done or paid for due to a silly migration error could be devastating. Let me pack it up and move it for you!

Have a website already but it just needs a little face lift? No problem! In addition to building websites, I also love renovating them! Clean up your homepage, make your website look good on any device, update your submission forms. Whatever digital spring cleaning you need, I got you!

Did you know that 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product while conducting a search on their smartphone? Or that 71% of all website clicks come from the first page of Google, while second page links only get 6%? If you’re not using SEO best practices, you’re losing a valuable opportunity to build your brand awareness. SEO can be hard to grasp the lingo for, let alone learn, but I can help you go from the second-page graveyard, to being a top-page result!

Need an answer fast? Don’t get stuck on hold for hours with customer service. I am more than happy to help and answer all your questions and give you peace of mind. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I am lucky enough to know and collaborate with some very talented people to help me help you build your brand from the ground up. We’ll get you a unique, professional, custom-made logo that makes you and your brand recognizable and will look great on your new website!

The Process

It’s 2021, and you need a website. It’s not enough to make a Facebook page with a generic layout. You need a landing page as unique and dynamic as your business. That’s where I can help. I work closely with you to find the best layout and design for your business. Whether you’re promoting your competitive cake decorations or launching your new indie-metal-prog-rock album, I will make your website unique to you and your business. Leave the HTML to me; I get all the dirty techy bits done so you can focus on running your business.


The most important part of your website is the person behind it; you! Your landing page is your first impression, so let’s make sure it shows the best side of you and your business. During a brief phone or email consultation, we’ll go over what your goals for your business are, how much of an internet presence your brand already has, and any other details you think will make your site stand out!


This is when we’ll build your website’s game plan. We’ll take a look at what your competitors are working with and improve on their strategies, research the keywords and phrases that will being your site to the top of Google results and your in front of new eyes.

Design + Development

Now comes the hardest part - and the part you don’t have to worry about! I’ll take care of all the behind the scenes work that will make your website sparkle and shine, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. You just sit back, relax, and get ready for the most exciting step.


Before we roll out the digital red carpet, I’ll send you a final copy for approval, and once we’ve double (and triple… and quadruple) checked that everything is in order, your site will go live, and you can watch the hits pour in!

Continued Support

Let’s keep in touch! We can discuss plans for scheduled maintenance, go over any questions or troubleshoot any issues you may be having with your website. Building the site is only half the battle; keeping it updated and running smoothly is the rest. I'll be there for you through all if it.

Client Reviews

Shelby has been instrumental in engineering and developing our website. Her technical skill, diligence, and attention to detail made her an invaluable part of our team. I can recommend her with the highest confidence.
D. De Stefano
Paperchase Films

Portfolio + Projects

The 1227 Taproom is the hottest taproom in the Central North Phoenix / Sunnyslope area offering a huge variety of craft beers, wines, and meads both on tap and to-go. They frequently have local musical performers and comedy shows for guests to enjoy as well. I was really excited to work with an establishment that values and supports local like I do.

Simple Machine is a fantastic brewery in North Phoenix who have been at it since Fall of 2018. They have excellent beers, and a chill taproom that’s always a great hangout. After talking to Marshall nearly every time I went in about how they need a cool website to match their brand and vibe, they finally let me make this kick ass website for them, and I’m really proud of how it turned out. 

Throne Brewing is a locally owned and operated brewery located in Glendale, Arizona. After purchasing what was previously known as Dubina Brewing, the owner needed to rebrand everything. I saw that they did not yet have a website established for their new brand, so I reached out and offered to help build them a website as fresh and exciting as their tasty brews. I was given complete creative control of this and oh boy – was it a fun one. Also, I was very excited to get to work with my first local brewery!

Roses by the Stairs Brewing is a brand-new brewery in the building that was once home to Easley’s Fun Shop in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in farmhouse-style beers utilizing local, seasonal ingredients, while giving back to the planet and the community. This one was my first experience working with the Webflow CMS.

Hector is another local Phoenix comedian and good friend of mine. He also has a cute dog named Dax. Like Tara, he already had a website on a simple website builder that just wasn’t meeting his needs. So I waved my magic website wand and poof! Fancy new website!

DEVO is my all-time favorite band. I’ve been a part of their small but strong cult following since I was a teenager. In more recent years, I’ve become more and more a part of the fan community. This website, originally launched in 2004, is a fan-operated archive and distribution service for unreleased, non-commercial DEVO and DEVO-related recordings. After befriending its creator, Alex, the idea of relaunching the website with a new look, and more intuitive interface for both ends was discussed. Finally, after over a year of development, we made that idea come to life. This was easily the most complicated website I have worked on (so far), as I had to tweak and add a LOT of code and do some wild things to get WooCommerce to function for this very specific purpose.

Displays in Plastic is a small company in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin specializing in unique plastic and acrylic devices to make life easier. Their focal product, Pass-A-Cup, is a device designed specifically in response to COVID-19 for serving beverages at a safe social distance.

Here’s yet another local comedian friend of mine, Butch Lord. Butch has been slingin’ jokes for a couple decades now, and he needed a website as cool as he is. That’s where I stepped in!

Khai Nguyen is a comedian, friend of mine, and all-around cool dude. He needed to promote his comedy and podcast on a professional, widely-accessible platform. What better way to do that than with a website?

Bondage Hot Sauce is founded by local Phoenix comedian, Tara Trificana. She previously had a very basic website built in a restricting website builder that just wasn’t matching the growth and image of her company. So I hooked her up with a nice new WordPress site to showcase her handcrafted hot sauces and the inspiration behind each one. (Check them out, they’re tasty as hell!)

PaperChase films is an independent film company based in Los Angeles, California. This was my first big project. I built this site in WordPress from the ground, up. This is my baby. I started working with PaperChase in January of 2018 and am currently still working with them to add new films and press content as it is published, as well as adjust the site’s design and content organization as needed.

The clients and I agreed that it was time to move hosts to resolve some performance issues we were experiencing. In one weekend, I migrated the site to its new home and it’s now running smooth as ever. 

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Ready to establish your best presence on the web? Fill out the form below to ask a question, or request a consultation and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Ready to shine online? Fill out the form below to ask a question, or request a consultation and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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